The Totalistic Ark

by Fran

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"The Totalistic Ark" is reflecting on nature, humanity, life and death.


released January 1, 2014

music & vocals written, recorded, produced by Fran Koletzki

1,2,4 mixed & mastered by Stefan Thomas @ studio A berlin
3,5,6 mixed & mastered by Fran

recorded @ home @ night



all rights reserved


Fran Berlin, Germany

born & raised in Berlin, Bath, London // musician & psychologist // 2009: “Hypnotized” (Oliver Koletzki&Fran) became a massive success with over 10 mio. clicks on youtube // 2010: “Lovestoned” (with Koletzki) // 2012: “Frantastic” (solo album) // 2013: “We Are Planets” //
2014: "Piano" (Hamlet)
Fran played at more than 120 venues & festivals all over the world

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Track Name: Midnight Masturbation
Bitches wanna get laid
Rich boyz wanna get paid
Waiting for a motherfuckin´ upgrade
Hard boys wanna get small
Small boyz wanna get big
Big boy just wants another hit
Artists wanna get signed
Groupies want another line
yeah - is that your state of mind?!
Cool boy doin´ his show
Bitch is ready to blow
Craving to be seen

Not me.
I like to play.
With myself.
So you think I´m loosing control?

Playboys wanna get high
And high girls wanna get down
Yeah, you´re so underground!
Crazy girls like flies
Stick to huney-sucker-pie
Trying to catch his eye
Big boy gets so keen on who he has just seen
Prepared to tell another lie
Well, all boyz wanna get down
And all girls wanna get high
High on his fame
He´s such a nice guy

Not me.
I like to play.
With myself.
Too freaky for you?

I like to play with electronics
Can I add you?
I like to play music.
Track Name: The Wolf
Slowly slowly
I will trace you down until you´re mine
Eagle-eyed at night
Slightly shy (just with a whistle) I´ll make you mine
Rest before the fight

Cause as soon as I am strong enough
As soon as I can go hunting
I´ll bring you back

The sweetest words will fall from my lips into your mouth
Chew them like a wolf
Your teeth like pearls
Your heart made of gold
It won´t take long `till we lick each other´s wounds
Track Name: I Am Water
I am water on his skin
I´m in the sky
I´m the treardrop on his pillow
You´ll pass me by
I am the rain
I am the clouds
A vast ocean sky
I´m the blood in your veins
It´s impossible to die

You say it´s impossible to die
(then why do I cry when I leave you behind?)

I am lava.
Here comes eruption
I´m oxygen in the sky
And as the wind blows
As the stream flows
I will trickle though your life
I am the blood in your veins
I´ll be here all you pass by
You´ll pass me by

You say it´s impossible to die
Track Name: A Natural Freak
I know you don´t like that freaky stuff
But what can I do? comes out of me naturally
I´d rather stay at home doing my thing
Even if you will say it drives you insane

I´d rather play all the freaky stuff
Like I don´t know all the superstars have arrived
I´d rather call all the freaks out to play
They gather ´round me at the end of the day
So you can tell me that you don´t believe in me
I gotta play
I´m a natural freak

You gotta shoot....

So you think it is fine to judge me like that?
Brother - you better try to unwinde your head

You gotta shoot.....
.....your small mind over the moon
Track Name: Slowly Expanding Universe
We are walking to unfold
a chain of genes
a train of thoughts
passing figures towards the ark
feel the sun burning in our hearts.

We are crawling through fields of stones
carrying doubts within our bones
we are forming this caravan
with no vision, no mission, no plan.
Track Name: The Secret Garden (Intro)
I come to this garden to be
while the earth breathes sleepily.
When I lay down with the leaves and lizards
the darkness doesn´t feel so unknown.
It´s beautiful to be around living creatueres!
The tigers bow down as I sleep,
they form my form my pillow.